Hundred Waves

by Servant Sun

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Produced by Servant Sun.
Engineered by Graeme Young at Chamber Studio and Craig "Goonzi" Gowans at 12 Inch Media.
Mixed and Mastered by Mudrock.


released April 15, 2016

Artwork - Mat Grogan
Piano on 'Taste of Silver' - Alex O'Brien



all rights reserved


Servant Sun Glasgow, UK

Alternative rock and metal from Scotland

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Track Name: Hundred Waves
When we’re all far dead and gone
The words of my better side would reach out from their graves
Atone for the lines that have been drawn
Falling where I can fly
Somewhere below I’ll crash and die
From high spires, silver to grey
Watch as fires march on through the day
This burning land
Someday maybe
Sometime soon
We know
Our sun
Move away from times you missed
Into black skies I’ll find my way through this
Verse 2
Although my efforts bring me woe
Waking up in sweat
Not again
These thoughts will only bring me
Late night restlessness
And that will be the end of me
We are taking
Don’t you know?
Move away
Times you missed
Into black skies
I’ll find my way
We are taking
We are shaking
Nowhere left to crawl
And so we run
You’re doing fine
Turn around or stand aside
And so we fly
On my knees by my hands alone
This empty compassion shall meet its end
Clean bridge
But it’s just fine
It’s who we are
Separate ways
What we’ve come to wrought
We are not going anywhere
Lead me through
Head in my hands again
Left with a simple disguise
From days I spent alone
No more secrets we will hide
Hope is dead and gone, erased
This is not what was meant to be
I’m sorry my dear
We find
Our way
Find our way
Track Name: Misgiver
All you view is so untrue
A hidden venture of all I seem to love and hate
Open your arms and breathe
A slow exertion sure to pass in time of late
It’s all the same to me
I can’t say what is really keeping me awake
So now I ride the waves
Sailing a sea of indifference
As the night moves on alone
I find my thoughts are slowly changing shape so vividly
(So vividly)
Hold on this is cruel revenge
It’s a play on words that I can’t describe
All the while I’m locked so deep inside
Waiting for a welcome end
A welcome end
Just please help me break away from this scolded reality
Dance bridge
Please open up your own mind
In time you’ll see it’s all so plain
It’s a different view from staring constantly at the floor
Far from a simple vacant smile
Lies the blackest of black
My head tells me I’m a liar but I just don’t believe him anymore
We’re the same
We’re the same to me
They’re all the same
They’re all the same to me
You’re all the same
You’re all the same to me now how
Now you’re all the same
Track Name: Taste of Silver
The bright in her eyes
Seems so cold
Content without a smile
Hold me down
With tired arms
Leeching the hope of an ageless fight
(We’re going dry)
Looking down
The dead end glow
Of those who lost the care to try
(And those we left behind)
Tell me what did I say?
Did I even come so close?
Hide the child in you
We see the lies
We come through endless night
Just to take away
We are the truth
We rise and fall yet nothing changes
From the wrong we’ve known
Brought through the shame of the world
No more can this man take it
No more
There’s nothing left
Even though I
Just can’t control how
The efforts of the innocents are broken and alone
Turns to nightside
All the way
It’s just the same
All this time
We’ve been led astray
We come
For what
It’s worth
To say we tried
Heavy bridge
Ending time’s on the way
We seem so lost
Lost and alone
Who will find us?
(See how)
If you find the truth burns your very eyes
(Back from a glimpse of the fall)
A simple sign of degradation
Even though there’s not much left to say
We see the lies
We come through endless night
Just to take away
We are the truth
We rise and fall yet nothing changes
From this lie
Track Name: Cold House Collapse
Heir now to the throne
Through the dark line
Will she comfort me?
Five years have gone by
They’ve done their goodbyes
So why the surprise?
Standing in line
Well, everything’s fine
We stand together
Free at long last
With wrath and retribution
My soul is slowly torn away
This touch opens the cracks once sealed with my damnation
For the long part, I did not know
Coming to the end of all I know
It’s best for this to be
Best for what?
What about us?
This twisted infection
Catastrophe calls
May you burn in hell
Medicate me
Shift from the form
All the efforts seem in pain
Crying for more
See through your hollow sight
And bring unto me
No, this wretched affinity ends
Finally seeing what I left behind
What we knew so far
For the long part, I did not know
Coming to the end of all I know
It’s best for this to be
Best for what?
All that’s left
When the deed is done
Ghosts of broken tombs
Will break their bones
So welcome home
Broken home
House gone cold
A deep warmth
(House gone cold)
Cold inside
Cold inside these broken walls
Don’t you realise?
It’s easy to deceive
While I’m holding on
Save me